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Stop Surviving and Start THRIVING!

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Where mamas learn to start being 100% present with their kids, with energy, regulate their sensory systems through science-based research with a doctor.

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  • Have more energy as a mom and become a "happy mama".

  • Enjoy the precious moments with your kids.

  • Feel whole, connected to yourself, your identity & your family.

“I used to yell at my kids. A LOT. I didn’t even know at the time WHY I was doing it. And I would discipline them so much. Time-outs, taking away rewards, etc.


I remember feeling so lost. Like I wasn’t myself anymore.


Before learning how to emotionally regulate my sensory system, I thought I had to pause ME until my kids were all grown up ... so I gave them what they needed; I would sacrifice it all for them. Let’s just say, I was a HOT mess. LOL


But at the end of the day, I was very dissatisfied with my life. Like truly unhappy. I remember one night thinking, ‘I want to run away from this. Motherhood is different than I thought: this isn’t what I signed up for…’


Then I started working with Dr. Brooke. OMG what a massive difference.


She taught me what was really happening in my brain & sensory system. You, like, NEVER learn this stuff in school. Now I know what to prioritize, and also am teaching my kids how to emotionally regulate themselves.


They see me doing it & I know that’s the best way they will learn how to be happy themselves.”



R - mama of 3.